Going green with your virtual team

Working from home has so many benefits for employees. It’s convenient, it gives you more time to get the work done, and it creates a far better work/ life balance.

It’s great for business too. Think about it: remote employees don’t need to be close to a specific office location, so companies truly have a world of awesome candidates at their fingertips.

There’s also a huge benefit to the environment and a reduction in our carbon footprint when people work from home. Since the first lockdown, companies that have been lucky enough to survive the economic catastrophe and continue on a virtual basis, have saved the UK approx 2,000m tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Virtual teams around the UK have contributed in so many ways: no commuting or driving, no need for a central office (with all the energy that’s required to run it), and none of the standard costs involved when you have teams of employees in an office location.

It’s a greener way to do business, and if your employees are happy, everyone’s a winner. So how else can you maximise this new, efficient way of working? I recommend incorporating some of the amazing climate change events that are happening around the world into your working day. Here are just a few for you and your team(s) to get stuck into:

Plastic-Free July
Plastic-Free July® is a global movement where millions of people are striving for a solution to the plastic pollution crisis we have on our planet. Make sure you and your team(s) are a part of Plastic-Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics throughout this month. Maybe you can offer incentives for your employees so that they can keep this going indefinitely?

Sustainable September
Another month-long event – Sustainable September is an exploration of sustainability in all its forms. From the coffee we buy to keep us going, and the choices we make over lunch; to stopping unnecessary printing, long-lasting lighting solutions, and cleaner energy choices in our home offices. Going sustainable is the way forward. All businesses have a role to play here, so encourage your employees to get involved too. The month will conclude with a TED-style conference with sustainability’s thought leaders.

Meat-Free Monday
This one is simple. Just give up meat on a Monday and you could contribute massively to saving the planet – while enjoying a healthier diet and supporting animal welfare. A meat-free sandwich, or an office lunch at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant will really inspire your team to embrace a veggie diet on these days.

Second-Hand September
Second-Hand September is a challenge to shop and manage your wardrobe in a more sustainable way. You could shop in charity shops; or host a clothes party with your friends/ employees via Zoom and snap up bargains from each other.

However you choose to embrace virtual working and this new era of working from home, there are many things you can do with your business and employees to make it greener and cleaner.

If you are a small business owner looking for virtual assistant services with a passion for sustainability, please get in touch to discuss how we can have a positive impact on your business, both environmentally and financially.


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