hire a va

Hire a va

We are flexible

You can hire a VA with LJM VA services with no stress or fuss. All support is offered in flexible hourly packages. You simply purchase a package of time and the tracker will begin. We use professional time tracking software to track all activity, so whether the task takes 10 minutes or 10 hours everything is tracked to the second.

Why hire a VA?

We offer a fully flexible approach to our service. Therefore no end date is applied and any unused hours are simply rolled into the following month. When there are busy periods, support can be scaled up and in quieter times we can lower the allocated time.

When the package of hours have been reached, a breakdown summary report is sent to the client. It is then entirely up to the client whether to purchase another block of time, or not.

Out-with the packages, we offer an hourly rate service and longer-term retainer packages can be designed to suit your business. 

Ready to optimise your workflow? Unlock unparalleled flexibility with our selection of different time packages detailed below. Purchase time, track tasks to the second, and enjoy seamless support tailored to your needs. Scale up during busy periods, scale down during quieter times. When your package is complete, you decide the next move. Explore hourly rates and customised retainer packages for a service that evolves with your business. Increase efficiency today!

Hire a VA

Package ONE

little helping hand

Package TWO

boost your admin support

Package THREE

full on assistance

Please get in touch directly to discuss any larger ongoing projects or assistance required and individual packages can be arranged. All hourly packages include a free 30-minute introductory call so we can fully understand your business needs and requirements.