September is Self-Improvement Month

Marking the end of Summer and moving into Autumn presents the opportunity to turn a new leaf.

Self-improvement month is a time to reflect on your year and the goals you have set to accomplish in 2023. Consider the changes in your life since January and what you have achieved, set some new goals or consider new paths to complete what you set out.

Here are our top tips for setting goals in September:

  1. Enlist a friend to listen and share your goals with them, positive peer pressure or competition can motivate you to stay on track.
  2. Ensure your goals are broken down into manageable objectives, rather than “I need to get healthy” think about the steps you need to take to get there. Drink more water, get more sleep, exercise ….. whatever getting healthy means to you.
  3. Setting measurable goals can help you to be more accountable for example rather than saying you want to “spend more time with family” be specific “spend at least 2 evenings per week focused on the kids”.
  4. Learn something new or get creative, exercise your mind with a jigsaw, puzzle or painting. Focus on something that lets you relax alone but keeps your mind busy.
  5. Make time for you, squeezing this all in to your working week can be difficult, with deadlines looming and emails awaiting a response it can be difficult to switch off. Set your working hours and stick to them, work life balance should not be a juggling act.

Do not forget to use the support around you to self-improve, if switching off is difficult or you just can’t find time to please get in touch. We can offer inbox and diary management, scheduling as well as taking care of any administration or repetitive tasks that take up time in your day.

Relax knowing we are taking care of business while you focus on YOU!

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