The essence of ‘Time’

“Timing is everything” …“Right job, wrong time”…“Time heals all”. Some of the quotes we hear about time in our everyday life appear to support the message that time really is our most sacred and sought-after entity that we often strive to have but often struggle to manage.

But why is that the case? There are 24 hours in the day, and seven days a week. Let’s break that down… Within that period, we must find time to squeeze in enough hours of sleep to recharge the body and mind, enough time to refuel with meals and drinks (and shop for said items), enough time to spend with our loved ones, enough time to check our mail/make appointments, …and oh yes, enough time to work!

Its little wonder time is so lucrative and hard to obtain, we are living in an ever-switched on planet where you can email right up until you close your eyes and connect with someone in a completely different time-zone on a different part of the planet at any time you please. Time has sped up as technology has got smarter and faster. But in some ways, the increase in technology and how it performs for us has perhaps streamlined a lot of arduous activities that once occupied our day. We don’t have to go to a shop to buy food or household items- we can have them delivered. We can get on a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call in the click of a button and meet a whole host of people who are miles away from us for an instant connection.

But with all the best technology and apps in the world, even the most organised and time conscious person can find tasks building up in the blink of an eye and the dread of checking their inbox peaking as the next working day rolls around again.

So, how can we maximise/prioritise our time at work and strike the right balance of having a healthy personal life too.

  1. Set your schedule – having a smooth-running diary with tasks, breaks and meetings pinned in can keep you on track and help the days become streamlined and purposeful with an end point in mind.
  2. Be flexible and prioritise; whilst it’s good to set dedicated time aside for a task, sometimes other things can take priority and that’s ok- don’t panic, make a note and reorganise your priorities list.
  3. Fix a time you log off – having a finite time to finish your working day is crucial. Setting boundaries is beneficial to yourself and others. It’s also important to take breaks and practice mindfulness – i.e., eating lunch without looking at your laptop and getting some fresh air.

And lastly, share the workload, delegate and consider taking on a Virtual Assistant to help keep you on track. A VA can assist with the admin/time consuming tasks to free you up to do the work that needs your dedicated attention.

To find out more about our VA services or if you have a specific project you’d like to run by us, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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